Vision for Public Art

The Public Art Program of the University of Michigan seeks to enrich the intellectual and visual environments of the University and community by placing works of art in strategic locations across the University’s Ann Arbor campus. Through the Program’s advocacy and support, artists create works of art that enhance our educational experiences, stimulate our thinking, deepen our sense of place and experience of space, and transform the places where we live, work, and study into lively gathering spots.

Works of public art include:

  • Works of art installed in outdoor spaces, on the facades of University buildings, and in public lobbies of heavily visited University buildings (e.g., the Power Center, Hill Auditorium)
  • Both historical and contemporary works
  • Both permanent and temporary installations
  • Works in traditional media (e.g., stone sculptures and painted murals) as well as new media (e.g., electronic and digital works) and environments (e.g., earthworks and landscape art)
  • Functional objects (e.g., benches and fountains) as well as symbolic and nonfunctional objects

Click here to see the full text for the Program’s Vision for Public Art (March 2007)


Jun Kaneko

Recent Installations



Alexander Liberman

Art Spotlight